“When we started working with Ana we felt like we hadn’t slept in months. Our 6 month old was waking up multiple times every night and we’d resorted to sleeping in different rooms, trading off nights so at least one of us could sleep. Not anymore! Ana’s tips and coaching worked for us and our restless daughter, and the time we spent talking to her was encouraging. An educated and empathetic sleep coach, and a lovely person too.”


“Calling Ana Madero was the best desicion I could have made. She was like having the confort of your best friend, the common sense and patience of your grandmother, and the knowledge of a professional expert all in one. She made a sleep plan for us, with follow up calls to see if it was working o needed tweaking. She had me up and running in two weeks time. My son was falling at sleep by himself, sleeping through the night without a feeding in between. I’m my old self again! “


“After 5 years of not sleeping more than 5 hours straight and reading every book available regarding sleeping for babies and toddlers I decided to reach out to Ana Paula as a sleep coach. In the books I was reading, routines often were laid out in a beautiful manner and were supposed to be completed to perfection. But my house was not perfect, my children weren’t perfect and most importantly, our surrounding wasn’t perfect. We had been moving houses, changing furniture, had lots of visitors from out of town staying with us, a lot of trips and my husband had an intense traveling schedule. Therefore, our lives were everything but perfect routines.

Having Ana as our sleep coach helped me everyday adjust to the changes surrounding us and making our routine as close as possible to the perfect one that was always being laid out in the books. Having her encouragement, experience and ideas helped me feel as if I had better control of what I was doing and the reassurance that this process was going to work.

Something that I believe is a great asset for Ana Paula as a sleep coach is her huge experience working with children. The 18 years she has worked as aTherapist with children is something that in my case was very helpful. There were many things that I attributed to the lack of sleep my children were having, but, were in reality things that had little to do with sleep and all to do with behavior and limits. Therefore, she was able to provide my husband and I with lots of insight into not only how to teach our children to sleep by themselves, but we were granted the tools to confront rebellion and strengthen our authority and rules in the house. Which this itself, helped our children get on with the routine and in the end sleep better.

At first, I had my doubts whether this worked, and at some points I even found myself in tears of frustration from lack of sleep and no clear path, but Ana was always there to reassure me and give me tips and strength in order to make it past the next step.

I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. The three year old started working with Ana because we had a lot of crutches. She was still wearing a diaper, she still used her bottle, she had to fall asleep drinking milk, she would wake up from 2 to 3 to even 4 times a night asking for milk and I had to lye down beside her in order for her to play with my hair to fall asleep. In a few weeks, my little girl was no longer using a diaper which gave her great confidence. Had given up the bottle and learned to soothe herself to sleep without her milk and without my hair. On the other hand, my 5 year old boy, whom at one point was an excellent sleeper, overtime, when he realized that I was lying down with his little sister, his jealousy kicked in, and then it not only became a sleeping problem but also a constant fight between them deciding where I would be sleeping that night, and spending one hour of them fighting in order for them to fall asleep. Although he was much faster on learning how to sleep, with this program I also encountered that he was an early riser. Ever since he was very little, he always woke up at around 5:30 am, I always thought of it as being an early bird, but later on, I realized that no, he wasn’t an early bird, he was really, a sleep deprived child. He therefore had to learn to sleep until 6:30 in order to have his full sleep cycle accomplished. With him, Ana Paula gave me a lot of help in order to teach  him how to stay in bed until it was time for him to actually wake up. He was also used to sleeping in my bed every night. Therefore, at 2 am I would have him come over to our bed to be joined by the three year old at 4 am and towards the end of the night, the four of us would be sleeping or more like fighting for some space together. To the point where my husband wanted to move to another room. Having Ana Paula help us teach them how to soothe themselves, fall asleep and make them stay in their bed made our life way better. We are now able to enjoy some good and uninterrupted sleep cycles. Giving us the energy we hadn’t felt since we had become parents.

In conclusion, I recommend Ana Madero to any tired or frustrated mom that although has tried everything out there to teach her child to sleep yet does not want them to cry until they fall asleep. I was worried about many problems because I didn’t want my children to be psychologically affected by crying complete nights, nor I had the heart to do it. At the same time, I wanted them to have the tools needed to learn to fall asleep without me. But most importantly, my husband and I really needed to sleep well in order to be able to preform in our daily routines and in our jobs. Having good sleeping children has even given us the opportunity to go out and enjoy a dinner outside our home, knowing that our children will not wake up and won’t be crying until we make it back home. It has also allowed me to go back to work and have at least two hours of my time to read, exercise or be with my husband or friends. Our life after working with Ana Paula has changed forever and we will forever be grateful with her patience and understanding.” Thank you Ana!