About ME




Hi! I’m Ana Paula Madero, Gentle Sleep Coach and Therapist but most importantly a proud mother of two amazing girls.

As a mom I had two opposite “sleeping” experiences with my daughters. My eldest was an easy and predictable baby, sleeping through the nights since she was 3 and a half months old. My little one was a “high needs baby” who cried continuously, seemingly “unhappy” and uncomfortable all the time because she suffered with silent reflux. Luckily, sleep was not a problem for her but as parents we were exhausted. Hearing her cry on and off all day was overwhelming for the whole family. When your family wellness is threatened by something you can’t always control, parenting can feel pretty challenging.

I know how it feels to be helpless and frustrated because your baby is not a “happy” baby. I’ve seen parents struggle with issues surrounding sleep and experienced sleep deprivation first hand but have found solutions and strategies that helped my own family.

My passion drives me to work with kids and their families. Having the opportunity to be part of their journey has given me more than I could ever offer. Let me walk you through the wonders of sleep and development and help you enjoy the rest that you and your family deserve!


My career as a Language, Speech and Behavioral Therapist for families and children with special needs has spanned over 18 years. I obtained a BS in Special Education with a minor in Speech-Language Pathologies and Hearing disabilities. In 2009 I received my MS in Psychology with Gestalt orientation and a minor in Human development.

My experiences include ABA training and therapy for kids with autism, toilet training, shadowing and mentoring monitors in inclusive environments, and advising parents, teachers and professionals regarding current behavioral strategies for working with children. I work with multidisciplinary teams of professionals in related fields including occupational therapy, psychology and western medicine to provide weekly ongoing support for her clients in person and remotely. Through these collaborative efforts I am able to develop, supervise and monitor IEP’s and intervention plans on a weekly basis for home and school settings.

Recently I collaborated with Vanderbilt KidTalk as an Educational Consultant on a research project “EMT en Español” for Spanish speaking families with toddlers with speech delays. Through this project I conducted assessments, collected and entered a research data base and offered free evidence-based intervention and parent training sessions in family homes. 

Searching for different ways to offer more support to families either in person or remotely I learned about The Sleep Lady® method and decided to join Kim West in her mission of helping tired parents worldwide by becoming a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® in January 2019.


Gentle Sleep Coach®
Trained and Certified by the Sleep Lady®
Sleep Coaching for kids 0-6 years old
Nashville TN, 2018-2019

Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia Gestalt
MS in Psychology with Gestalt Orientation
Minor in Human development
Mexico City, 2007-2009

Universidad de Las Américas, A.C
BA  in Special Education
Minor in Speech-Language Pathologies and Hearing disabilities
Mexico City, 1999-2003